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Deposit "Karas"


In case of investing "Progress" and "Karas" deposits (in AMD and USD) through AS Internet Bank system or Converse Mobile application, the interest rate will be set 0.5 % higher than the Bank's current interest rate.


Interest Rate

  6 months 1 year 18 months 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 year
AMD 6.5% 8.5% 8.75%  CBFR1-1.75% CBFR1-1.25% CBFR1-0.75%  CBFR1-0.25%
USD 2% 3.5% 3․75%  CBFR-2․25% CBFR1-2%  CBFR1-1.75% CBFR1-1.5%

Deposit terms:

Minimum amount
  • 10 000 AMD
  • 100 USD
Maximum deposit amount (sum of initial amount and replanishments)
  • 100 mln AMD
  • 200 000 USD
Deposit Period 6 months - 5 years
Payment of interest rate

At maturity.

Interests, calculated once a year, are accrued on deposit balance.

Partial withdrawal of the deposit amount
The total sum of deductions from the deposit amount cannot exceed 60% of the total sum of deposit replenishments (including the initial deposit amount)

1CBFR - Flexible Rate of "Converse Bank"

Now you can open Karas Deposit via AS Internet-Bank. Follow the guidelines here.

* The depositor may make partial withdrawals of the deposit amount during the deposit period. In this case, the interest accrued as of the date of withdrawal shall be recalculated at the interest rate set for the preceding, shorter maturity period applied for the deposit Karas, for the time period starting from the date of making the deposit until the date of withdrawal of the respective amount. If less than the minimum deposit term set for the deposit Karas has passed from the date of signing of the deposit agreement until the date of withdrawal of the amount, then recalculation is made at the interest rate currently applied at the Bank for the demand deposit.


Interest amounts are accrued to the funds available on the depositor’s account on the basis of the nominal interest rate, and the annual percentage yield shows the income that you can get if you reinvest the received interest amount in form of deposit. You can find the procedure and an example of calculation of the annual percentage yield by the following link: The procedure and an example of calculation and payment of interest for the deposit /according to the CBA’s Regulation 8/02 "On Calculation of the Annual Percentage Yield for Banking Deposits".