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Arca Classic

Arca Classic

Tarrifs for ArCA card

Service Type Arca CLASSIC
Card Issue 0
Additional*/attached card issuance** 1 500 AMD
In case of annual payment1 2 500 AMD
Merchant transactions 0
Cash withdrawal at Bank POS-terminals and ATMs

AMD 0.2 % / Foreign exchange 0.3%

Cash withdrawal at POS-terminals and ATMs of other ArCa system banks 1%
Cash withdrawal at POS-terminals and ATMs of other banks, which are out of ArCa system 1%, min 1 500 AMD
Paying cash to the card account via ATMs of other banks, members of ArCa system 0,6%
Paying cash to the card account via ATMs of the Bank 0,2%
Replenishing account holder’s current/savings/card account via payment terminal
  • AMD 101-50,000 - AMD 100
  • AMD 50,001-200,000 - AMD 200
Maximum limit of daily cash withdrawal 300 000 AMD
Maximum available number of daily encashment transactions 10
Provision of a statement from the card account with the frequency set by the legislation of the RA /once/ 0
Interest rate % (annual) against the positive balance of card account2 0
Provision of an additional statement from the card account above the frequency set by the legislation of the RA
  • For a period up to 3 years - AMD 1,000
  • For a period of 3 years and more (if retained at the Bank) - AMD 3,000

Penalty for exceeding the payment limits

At 0.13% of the excess amount, for each day of delay
Card and PIN code reissue in case of lost/stolen/damaged card 2 000 AMD
Card and PIN code same-day reissue in case with lost/stolen/damaged card 3 000 AMD
Unjustified chargeback request3 5 000 AMD
Card to card transfers 0.5%
Sending an SMS message regarding credits to and debits from the card account, sending an SMS message based on inquiry about USSD service. The amounts are VAT inclusive.
  • 20 AMD for RA cell operators numbers
  • 40 AMD for foreign cell operator  numbers
Card unblocking fee 500 AMD
Closing the card account In case of not using the balance on a closed card account within three months, AMD 1,000 will be charged for each year /if the balance is less than AMD 1,000, the entire balance amount will be charged and the account will be closed/

 1 The service fee is charged at the moment of issuing the card, for the entire year. In case of early termination of the agreement, the service fee is not subject to refund.
2 The interest is calculated to the latest positive balance of the day and is paid quarterly, within 5 /five/ banking days after the end of each reporting quarter.
3 The application submitted by the customer to the Bank is considered to be groundless, if it contains information not corresponding to reality.

*Additional card - an additional card opened for the same account, within the same payment system /VISA-VISA, ARCA-ARCA, MasterCard-MasterCard - VISA, ARCA
**Card attached to - the same account, additional card opened under various payment systems /VISA - ARCA, MasterCard; ARCA - VISA, MasterCard; MasterCard - VISA, ARCA/.

In case of not usage of the balance on the closed card account for three months, AMD 1000 is charged for every year (if the balance is less than AMD 1000, then the whole balance amount is charged, and the account is closed).

Order the card online, here

ArCa card description

CLASSIC Local debit card


  • Opportunity of virtual trade and payments.
  • Fast transfers of amounts from card to card.
  • Providing free statements in the ways preferred by cardholders.
  • At moment of transaction sending SMS message to cardholders about the transaction.
  • Transfer of salary directly to card account.
  • 24 hour provision of free information on your card account balance through the Bank՚s LAN HELLO (+37410) 511 200, 545514 / 24 hour/ telephone information system, as well as the telephone number of ArCa payment system (+37410) 59 22 22.


  • Provides opportunity of using the amounts of card account everywhere on the RA territory, get cash from ATMs, perform non-cash purchases in merchant and service locations, where symbol is displayed.


  • In case of salary projects the encashment in ATMs and encashment locations of the bank is free of charge.
  • Providing additional cards to family members under the card account.
  • In comparison with purchases made in cash in merchant locations, in case of making purchases with payment cards you will be provided with 3-30% discounts in 250 local merchant locations.


  • Quickly identification of the cardholder through the photo and signature.
  • Provision of confidentiality and security of the personal data and card flow balance.

How to order?

  • You can order the card online here and you will need to visit the Bank only once to submit your passport and PSN (social card)

Preparation and issuance term

  • Up to 5 working days for branches located in Yerevan
  • Up to 10 working days for branches located outside Yerevan