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List of main laws and other normative legal acts that regulate banking

  1. "Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia"
  2. RA Law "On the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia"
  3. RA Law "On Banks and Banking"
  4. RA Law "On Banking Secret"
  5. RA Law "On Guarantee of Repayment of the Banking Deposits of Private Individuals"
  6. RA Law "On Attraction of Banking Deposits"
  7. RA Law "On Combat against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism"
  8. RA Law "On Currency Regulation and Currency Control"
  9. RA Law "On Securities Market"
  10. RA Law "On Transfer of Funds by Payment Orders"
  11. RA Law "On Joint Stock Companies"
  12. RA Law "On Consumer Lending"
  13. RA Law "On the Financial System Ombudsman"
  14. RA Law "On Legal Acts"
  15. RA Law "On the Income Tax"
  16. RA Law "On Accounting"
  17. RA law "On Bankruptcy of Banks, Credit Organizations, Investment Companies, Investment Fund Managers, and Insurance Companies"
  18. RA Law "On Housing Mortgage Lending" (enforcement date 22.05.2018)
  19. RA Law "Protection of Personal Data"
  20. Regulation 1 "On Procedures of Licensing, Registration, Giving Consent and Permission, Appraisal of the Professional Adequacy and Qualification in the Banking Sector"
  21. Regulation 2 "Regulation on Banking, Prudential Standards for Banking"
  22. Regulation 3 "On Banks’ Reports, their Submission and Publication"
  23. Regulation 4 "Minimum Requirements for Internal Control at Banks"
  24. Regulation "On Setting Minimum Requirements for Information Security"
  25. Regulation 4/03 "Reports Submitted to the Central Bank by Entities Providing Investment Services, Procedure, Form, and Terms of Submission of such Reports"
  26. Regulation 4/04 " Prospects and Reports by Reporting Issuers"
  27. Regulation "On the Minimum Requirements Set for Financial Institutions in the Field of Combat against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism"
  28. Regulation 8/01 "On Explanations and Examples of the Calculation of the Actual Annual Interest Rate"
  29. Regulation 8/02 "On the Calculation of the Annual Percentage Yield of Banking Deposits"
  30. Regulation 8/03 "On Publication of Information by Banks, Credit Organizations, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Investment Companies, Asset Management Companies, Central Depository and Payment and Settlement Organizations Making Money Remittances, and also Financial Groups"
  31. Regulation 8/04 "Minimum Conditions and Principles Regulating the Procedure of Examination of Complaints/Claims of Customers"
  32. Regulation 8/05 "Procedure, Conditions, Forms, and Minimum Requirements on Communication among the Bank and the Depositor, the Creditor and the Consumer"
  33. Regulation 8/06 "Requirements on Application Methods and Procedures of Business Conduct Rules for Banks and Credit Organizations with Guarantors"
  34. Regulation 9 "On Operations with Cash in Banks Operating on the Territory of the Republic of Armenia"
  35. Procedure "On Classification of Loans and Receivables of and Loss Provisioning at the Banks Operating on the Territory of the Republic of Armenia"
  36. Procedure "On Creation of the Credit Information System - the Credit Register - and Participation in the Credit Register by the Banks, Credit Organizations, and Branches of Foreign Banks Operating on the Territory of the Republic of Armenia"

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