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"Converse-Fast Plus"

Converse-Fast Plus

The loan is provided by "Converse Bank" CJSC (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) to the Customers which are legal entities and individual entrepreneurs holding accounts in other banks - (hereinafter referred to as the Customer), under the following conditions:


Annual turnover /AMD or equivalent in foreign currency

Maximum amount of financing

/ AMD or equivalent USD and Euro/

2,000,000 - 10,000,000

15% of annual turnover

10,000,001 - 15,000,000

Maximum: 1,500,000

15,000,001 - 400,000,000

10% of annual turnover

400,000,001 - 800,000,000


800,000,001 and more

5% of annual turnover, but not more than 50.000.000

Method of financing

Overdrafts with payment cards

Overdrafts without payment cards

Loans with annuity schedule


60 months

Up to 36 months

Annual interest rate

For the used part

For the unused part

For the used part

For the unused part










18.48 - 24.00%

17.35 - 21.13%

15.09 - 20.18%









13.88 - 22.02%

12.79 - 16.43%

11.73 - 16.37%









11.64 - 19.54%

10.58 - 14.14%

9.54 - 13.89%

Fee for loan application review


One-time fee for loan disbursement

0.25% of loan amount

Other terms of the plastic card according to the provisions of the Visa Business payment card



Annual turnover /AMD or equivalent in foreign currency

Maximum amount of financing

/ AMD or equivalent USD and Euro/

2,000,000 - 10,000,000

25% of annual turnover

10,000,001 – 12,500,000

Maximum: 2,500,000

12,500,001 and more

20% of annual turnover, but not more than 50.000.000

Interest rates, disbursement fees and time periods of Guarantees and Letters of Credit



Up to 60 months

Maximum amount

According to the criteria established in the Terms and Conditions of Financing

Interest rate

According to the interest rates set for loans with the Annuity repayment method

One-time fee for loan disbursement

-       In case of disbursement with a maturity of up to 36 months - 0.25%

-    0.5% in case of disbursement with 37 - 60 months maturity


Minimum - 15% of the value of the leasing object

Other terms and conditions of Leasing according to the link

  General terms and conditions

 Other terms and limitations:

Beneficiaries are those Customers, whose:
• turnover of accounts with the Bank during the last 12 months amounts to at least AMD 2,000,000 or equivalent foreign currency and there has been no zero movement in the last quarter,
• the number of overdue days during the last year does not exceed 6, the number of continuous overdue days does not exceed 3, and there has been no classification,

• monthly payments on all financing (including from other banks and credit organizations) at the time of application do not exceed 35% of the average turnover of the last 12 months (when calculating the monthly payments, the equal (annuity) repayment schedule for the gross credit position calculated before the expiration of the financial liabilities is taken as a basis) moreover, when calculating the net turnover of accounts, if the latter is greater than the turnover reflected in the tax reports (VAT, Turnover tax, cash register turnover), then the turnover reflected in the tax reports is taken as a basis.

• If the turnover of accounts at the Bank is 1/4 of the historical 12-month turnover at another bank 3 months after the provision of financing, the terms and conditions of the Bank's Converse-Fast loan type can be applied to the customer.
• Bank’s account-holder customers can apply only for one type of loan: Converse-Fast or Converse-Fast Plus.

Fines and Penalties
The Bank can apply the following penalties and charges:

1. Upon default of due dates under the Agreement, the Borrower pays the Bank a penalty at 0.13% per day of delay.
Upon repayment of overdue liabilities, the payments are made in the following sequence: penalty – interest – principal.
2. Penalties and fines are not applied in case of early repayment of the loan.
3. The effective interest rate of the loan is increased by up to 2 percentage points in case of failure to secure 25% of the pledged turnover in the Bank every quarter after the loan is disbursed.

Collateral security
Account turnover and 1 guarantor, however, a guarantor is not required if the financing does not exceed 50% of the maximum amount limits.
The guarantor should not have classified loans during the last year and the number of overdue days should not exceed 6.

Explanatory notes on the guarantee
If the borrower fails to fulfill his/her liabilities, the guarantor will pay on behalf of the borrower, the guarantor's credit history will deteriorate as well, and the guarantor may be deprived of his/her property.

Converse Bank:

• Provides the guarantor with an example of loan and guarantee agreements and a repayment schedule,
• The communication will be carried out in the manner chosen by the guarantor,
• Notifies at least 7 days in advance of the change in the terms of the agreement,
• Sends reminder of existing obligation 1 day in advance,
• In case of delayed repayment of the loan, notifies the guarantor not later than within the following day.

The guarantor has the right to:

• Request the Bank for information on the size of the loan balance, at any time,
• Get a refund of loan-related payments made, as well as of other losses incurred on behalf of the borrower.

Example of interest rate calculation

  • In case of loans with the following terms and conditions:

Loan amount

AMD 10,000,000

Nominal interest rate

14 %

Repayment period/maturity

12 months

Repayment type


 Interest amounts structure

Monthly repayment (principal amount+ interest)

AMD 897,870

Total interest

AMD 774,454

Total of repayments

AMD 10,774,454

Loan interest is calculated based on the nominal interest rate applied to the deductible balance, and the actual annual interest rate shows how much the loan will cost you when you make timely interest payments and all the related mandatory fees and payments related to loan disbursement.
The procedure for calculating the annual actual interest rate can be found 
at the following address:

Communication with the Bank

You have the right to communicate with Converse Bank CJSC in any format at your discretion - by postal mail or by electronic communication methods. It is most convenient to receive information electronically, as it is available 24/7, free from the risk of loss of hard copy (paper based) information and ensures confidentiality.

Provision of statements, references and other information (including VAT)

Provision of single statement (regardless of periodicity) -AMD 0,
For a duplicate1.

- Covering a period of up to one month- AMD 1,800
- From two months up to 1 year - AMD 3,000
- Up to one year - AMD 12,000
- 3 years and more (in case it is stored by the Bank) - AMD 24,000

Statementfor submitting to different institutions1
- In case of accounts opened within a month2 AMD 5,000
- In case of accounts opened earlier - AMD 3,000

References / Letters
On transactions made
- For transactions dated back up to one month - AMD 3,000
- For transactions dated back more than one month - AMD 5,000

Transaction support documents and copies of other documents (for each document)
- Dated back up to 1 month - AMD 1,800
- Dated back up to 1 year - AMD 3,000
- Dated back more than one year - AMD 12,000

Tariffs for other services (including VAT)

Mail delivery of statements or other documents
 In the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh – AMD 500
- Tariff set by the shipping service provider, if established by law and agreement.
- In other cases, the fee set by the shipment service provider + AMD 1,500

Delivery of references or other documents via Ordered mail shipping
- Within the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh- AMD 3,000
- International - fee set by the shipment service provider + AMD 5,000
• Revision of loan terms3 - 0.5%, minimum AMD 6,000

1 In case of simultaneous provision of a statement and reference to the same Customer and charge envisaged for the reference, the charge will be collected for reference only.
2 In case of more than one active account, the opening date of account which has been opened earlier is taken into consideration irrespective of whether or not included in the statement.
3 The tariff is calculated based on the amount of loan provided. The tariffs are set at the time of submission of the application by the customer for revision of the loan terms.

Required documents

• Application form for loan financing
• For a legal entity - founding documents, statute, certificate of state registry
• For an open joint stock company - a statement from the depositary on the shareholders
• Identity document, public service number (PSN) or statement on non-receipt of PSN of the founders, director, guarantors, and other related persons of the company (not required if an identity card is presented).
• Consents to inquiries of the applicant, guarantors, pledgers and other related parties.
• Тax reports for the period from January 1 of the previous year to the current period.
• Single tax account statement for the abovementioned period
• Statement on tax liabilities (electronic)
• Extract from the resolution on minutes of general meeting or sole participant on financing, provision of a guarantee
• Statement of the last 12 months turnover of accounts with other banks
• Other documents required by the Bank.

Credit history

Credit history is a collection of data on the financial obligations of an individual or legal entity, which shows the history of the latter’s financial obligations or their fulfillment.
The credit history includes data on 5 year-period prior to the date of inquiry, and is made from information on:

  • Financing received by the person, including:

- their number and amount,
- the amount, type, terms of each financing, the nominal interest rate applied by the creditor,
- the information on collaterals securing loan/financing.

  • Fulfillment of loan repayments (for example, whether the interest and principal amount repayments were duly paid or not),
  • Guarantees provided to other persons, their number and amount, the type of loan secured by each guarantee, terms and information regarding collaterals,
  • Overdue days/amounts in terms of financing and guarantees, as well as the penalties and fines charged for them,
  • Unpaid or late utility bills.

Credit history does not contain personal data, such as a person’s ethnicity, religious and political views, social status, etc.

If there are incorrect or incomplete data in the credit history, for the purpose of clarification and correction, the borrower can inform about it "ACRA Credit Reporting" CJSC, hereinafter also Credit Bureau, or directly contact the financial organizations providing information. People can address credit bureau by submitting an appropriate written application or electronically, online from the personal office "My ACRA".
The process of accepting/receiving, discussing and responding to customer complaints regarding credit reports provided by the credit bureau, the sequence of actions is defined by the "Procedure for Dispute Resolution" of "ACRA Credit Reporting" CJSC.

For more details follow the links: and

Measures to take to improve the credit history and scoring

In order to improve credit history and scoring, it is necessary to eliminate the main causes of their deterioration, in particular, to pay off current overdue obligations as soon as possible, as well as:

  • ease the credit burden by partially or fully repaying existing loans,
  • make repayments in accordance with the established schedule, excluding delays and showing punctuality,
  • reduce the given guarantees by reducing their number and amount, as well as, if available, ensuring the full repayment of overdue obligations,
  • avoid even one-day delays in fulfilling obligations on current loans and not to become a guarantor for unreliable persons,
  • avoid applying for new loans frequently.


If you fail to fulfill or incompletely fulfill your obligation, within three business days this information will be provided to the credit bureau where your credit history is formed. Having a bad credit history can negatively affect your creditworthiness in the future.

You have the right to receive your credit history report for free once a year from the credit bureau.

Your property may be confiscated by law if you fail to make your interest and loan repayments on time.

In case of insufficient funds to repay your loan liabilities, they may be repaid at the expense of your other property and/or that of the guarantor, as prescribed by the RA legislation.

In accordance with the RA Law on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, on the basis of the Know Your Customer Principle, the Bank may require the Customer to provide additional documents or other information, as well as ask questions during verbal communication, for the purpose of conducting due diligence of the Customer.  

The Bank may collect additional information in accordance with the terms of an agreement with the US Government under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to determine your eligibility for being a US taxpayer.

The Bank is entitled to modify and supplement the tariffs for additional services provided by notifying the Customers in accordance with the agreement, by posting a relevant message on its own website (, by posting announcements on the Bank's premises, by sending a notification by post, and by any other methods proposed by the Bank selected at the Customer's discretion, which is considered a due notification of the Customer.

Factors for loan approval and rejection
The Bank is inclined to approve the loan, if the applicant:

  • meets the conditions and restrictions of the particular loan,
  • secures his loan obligation with a pledge and guarantee, at the request of the Bank,
  • as a result of the assessment the applicant is recognized as creditworthy,
  • the documents and references submitted by the applicant are credible and include all necessary information,
  • the applicant's credit history is either positive or missing.
    The incompliance on the part of the applicant with any of the aforementioned conditions and with the requirements of the Bank’s internal regulations can cause the rejection of the loan.

Time periods for notifying the customer of the decision to provide the loan and for the disbursement of loan amount.

  • The decision making takes up to 3 banking days,
  • The customer is informed within one day,
  • The loan agreement is concluded with the customer within 3-5 banking days after submission of the complete package of documents by the customer,
  • The loan is provided to the customer on the day of conclusion of the agreement.

Venue for loan formalities and method of disbursement
Loan is provided at Head Office and Branches.
The loan amount is provided to the borrower by depositing the sum into his/her account.

Settlement of Disputes
Any disputes and disagreements between the Customer and the Bank shall be resolved first by mutual negotiation, and should the agreement not be reached by such methods, the disputes and disagreements shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the RA legislation both per court procedure, and through Financial System Mediator.

Notice on Financial System Mediator
Please be advised that based on the RA Law on Financial System Mediator, the disputes relating to a property claim for up to AMD 10 million or equivalent foreign exchange amount arising with regard to the services rendered to you by Converse Bank CJSC can be settled through the Financial System Mediator.
Based on the agreement concluded between the Bank and the Financial System Mediator, the Bank abandons the right to dispute the resolutions of the Financial System Mediator only for property claims not surpassing AMD 250,000 (two hundred fifty thousand) or the equivalent foreign exchange (FX), and the amount of the transaction not surpassing AMD 500,000 (five hundred thousand) or equivalent FX.

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