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Account opening and maintaining

Opening and service of accounts

Converse Bank gives an opportunity to legal entities to open and maintain banking accounts on advantageous conditions. Becoming a Converse Bank account holder, you can manage your accounts and make use of the Bank's services also online.
The Bank opens AMD and/or foreign currency account/s/ for its customers, provides comprehensive service of the account/s/ and, by the customer’s instruction, performs all those settlement and monetary operations, which aren’t forbidden by the legal acts of the RA for resident and non-resident legal entities of the RA.

The customer can make credits and withdrawal of funds with its accounts:


  • cash - credit is done at the time of accepting funds from the customer
  • non-cash - at the time of receiving payment orders


  • cash
  • non-cash

Statements from the accounts, the information summary and other information related to the accounts can be provided in the manner preferred by the customer - in person, by post or e-mail, by either Internet-Bank or Bank-Client system, at the cost of AMD 0, filling out the respective “Request for Information”, and the copies of the statements are provided according to the tariffs set by the Bank.

Tariffs and rates of account service


/presented in AMD/
1 Accounts are opened for legal entities in the following currencies:  
  Non-material metal accounts /gold 999.9/  
  Accounts in other currencies can be opened by the customer’s request, and other tariffs can be set for them.  
1.1 Opening of accounts  
  • for legal entities and private entrepreneurs
1 000 AMD
1.2 Maintenance of accounts  
  • for legal entities1
4 800 AMD /annual/
  • for legal entities, in case of non-material metal accounts /gold/7
0.1%, minimum AMD 5000, maximum AMD 10 000
1.3  Provision of documents /including provision of statements/ along with execution of operations 0
 1.4  Interest accrued to the balance on the account2  
  current1 0%
 1.5  Closing of the account3  
  • for legal entities and private entrepreneurs1
2 000 AMD
 1.6   Individual service of the customer 4 up to AMD 25 000 monthly /if the customer is a legal entity, it includes service of managers of the respective organization/
 1.7 Remote maintenance of accounts  
   By AS "Bank-Client" software The tariff applies starting from the second month
  •  In case of making 50 and more transactions monthly
3 000 AMD /monthly/, including VAT
  •  In case of making up to 50 transactions monthly
6 000 AMD /monthly/, including VAT
  Viewing the statement by My Converse system 0
  By AS Internet-Bank system  
  • Project service fee1.9
  In case of making 45 and more transactions during the quarter 0
  In case of making up to 45 transactions during the quarter 10 000 AMD /quarterly/ /including VAT /
  • Fee per user

600 AMD /monthly/, including VAT

  • Cost of the security device1.8
8 000 AMD /one-off/ /including VAT/
  • Cost of the double-secured security device
12 000 AMD /one-off/ /including VAT/
   By mConverse mobile bank system 10 000 AMD /annual/ /including VAT/

1Current account is opened only for legal entities and private entrepreneurs, while savings account is opened only for private individuals. Account maintenance fee is charged from the customer’s account, for each year of usage of the account, one-off; the fee for the first 12 months of usage of the account is charged at the time of opening of the account, and the fee for each subsequent 12 months - during the first 5 banking days of the respective time period. No fee is charged for maintenance of AMD current accounts held by state non-commercial organizations.
The fee will not be returned in case of closing of the account.
2 Except for correspondent accounts, special transient accounts, and target accounts, to which interest is accrued and paid according to the respective agreements, in all other cases interest is paid during the first five banking days after the end of the quarter.
3 Is applied in case if the last account of the customer is closed.
4 The criteria for setting the tariffs are determined by the order of the Bank’s Executive Director.
5 The fee is charged starting from the day of opening the account, once a year, from the average annual balance; if the account is closed during the year, the fee is charged at the time of closing, from the average balance of that period.
8 Security device - equipment generating one-off unique code.
10 If the fee envisaged by clause 1.2 of these tariffs isn’t available on the customer’s account during the first 3 months following the respective time period, then the account shall be closed.
1.8 Security device - equipment generating one-off unique code.
1.9 The project service fees are calculated for the quarter following the month of using the AS-InternetBank system, and are charged by the 15th day of the month following the quarter.

Opening and maintenance of bankruptcy and target accounts

In case of opening of bankruptcy accounts, it is necessary to submit the following documents:

The following documents to be submitted by the customer:

  • court decision on bankruptcy of the debtor;
  • court decision on “Appointing a Bankruptcy Manager”.

On the letterheads provided by the Bank:

  • account opening application /for legal entities and private entrepreneurs/ (to be filled out);
  • one sample of the managers signature and the round seal stamp card (to be filled out).

In case of opening target accounts, it is necessary to submit the following documents:

A target account can be opened only for the Bank’s customers, who already have the documents required for account opening:

  • target account opening application, specifying the purpose of account opening.

The documents to be submitted by the customer shall be originals or notarized copies.

In case of submission of originals, the person authorized by the Bank stamps all copied pages of the documents with the stamp “True copy of the original” and signs them, after which, in case of legal entities, the authorized representative of the company puts the company’s round seal, and in case of private individuals – a signature, and the originals are returned to the customer.

Please read the following most attentively:

Interest rate is accrued towards the funds available on the customer’s account based on the nominal interest rate. And the annual interest yield shows the income that can be obtained if the interest amount accrued to the deposit is reinvested in form of a deposit. The procedure and example of calculating the annual interest yield can be found under the following link:

The Bank has the right to terminate the agreement signed with the customer, if:

  • the customer has violated any of the provisions specified by the Agreement,
  • there are other bases envisaged for it by normative legal acts of the RA.

The customer’s rights to manage all banking accounts (savings, deposit, pension, etc.) and the funds available on them can be restricted on the basis of the application submitted by judicial acts’ mandatory enforcement bodies or tax bodies, according to court decisions.

Seizure of funds without the customer’s instruction can be done on the basis of the application submitted by judicial acts’ mandatory enforcement bodies and tax bodies, according to court decisions. They are reflected in the statements of the customer’s bank accounts, which are provided to the customer in accordance with the procedure agreed between the Bank and the customer.