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Documentary Collections

Documentary Collection

The documentary collection is a payment tool, in case of which the exporter transfers the documents to the importer via the executing bank with the purpose of receiving payment.

Documentary collection payment types:

  • D/P – documents against payment – The documents are provided to the purchaser only after the purchaser implements payment in exchange for products.
  • D/A – documents against acceptance – The documents are provided to the purchaser with the condition of implementing payment in exchange for those products in the future.

The advantages of documentary collection are:

  • A comparatively simple procedure and low cost.
  • The deals are regulated by the international rules of “Uniform Rules for Collections” (URC522) of the International Chamber of Commerce.
  • The fact of product delivery is confirmed by commercial and financial documents, which are sent to the importer’s bank by the exporter’s bank.
  • The importer is able to receive the products before implementing the payment.


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