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How can I pay off overdraft?

 For purposes of paying off the overdraft, the Client is provided a 15-day grace period starting from the day of statement issuance (The 25th of each month is considered the day of statement issuance; while in case of salary projects, the 10th or 25th according to client preference). During that period, in case of completely paying off the used portion of the loan limit, no percentage fee is charged. The cardholder can deposit the used amount either with the number one, or in installments to his card account; making sure that the deposits apply to the pay-off of the used portion, then cashing out or transferring those monetary means.

In case of not completely paying off the obligation issued by the statement at the end of the grace period, interest will accrue in agreement with the contract signed with the Bank.

What should the Client do if they have lost the plastic card or have forgotten the PIN code?

In case of losing the plastic card or forgetting the PIN code, the Client must approach any branch of Converse Bank and fill out a plastic card reissuance form

Also you can contact Converse Bank hotline at 010 511 211 or call 010 440380, 010 545514.

In what frequency do the deposits made to card accounts activate during the day?

The funds received on the card account are activated on the card according to the following frequency:

On working days:

  • Funds received by 9:30 - after 10:30 of the same day;
  • Funds received at 9:30-12:00 are activated on the card after 13:00 of the same day;
  • Funds received at 12:00-18:00 are activated on the card within one hour after their receipt.

What is the frequency by which cards confiscated by ATMs reopen?

 Cards confiscated by ATMs reopen during three business days the most, and by calling +374 10 511 211 the Client is informed whether or not the plastic card is already at the Main Office. Only after receiving a positive response, the Client approaches the Main Office passport in hand (Address: Vazgen Sargsyan 26/1, Republic Square, Yerevan, Armenia).

What are the staff schedule and business hours of the Bank’s branches?

You can view the working days and hours of Converse Bank’s head office and all branches here

How is it possible to change or verify the password?

In case of not remembering the bank password or wanting to change it, it is necessary to approach any branch of the Bank passport in hand.

It is possible to receive information about Client data as well as account balances via telephone only by knowing the password, which is not the PIN code.