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Daily quotation of cash transactions

From 04.03.2022 for all clients of the Bank set the rate of withdrawals from POS-terminals of the bank in USD and in euros according to the daily quotation from current, savings, card, demand, deposit and card1 accounts regardless of the source and method of generation of the amount.
1 In case of withdrawals from the Bank cards by POS terminals according to the daily quotation cash withdrawal tariff, it is charged in addition to the withdrawal commission set for the given card type.

Cash currency deposit interest rate

RUB 1.50%
EURO 0.00%
USD 0.00%*
Other Transactional

Currency cash withdrawal from the account interest rate

RUB 0.00%
EURO 1․00%*
USD 1․00%*
Other Transactional 

*The fee is set at 0% for the sums generated from cash-ins of time deposits/bonds, and sums generated in preceding 6 months from cash-ins of savings/current account.