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Bareketsik Apaga

Deposit "Bareketsik apaga"

Deposit is a way of investing money for all those who want to build their carefree and financially secured future already now.

Deposit Terms

You only need to:

  • make first investment
  • add amounts to your deposit by defined regularity.

Deposit term consists of accumulation and allocation terms. Accumulation term should be at least 10 years during which the depositor adds amounts to the deposit amount. At the end of accumulation term the depositor by his/her willingness may get the entire amount at once in case of which the agreement is considered completed or define allocation term and get the accumulated amount in equal parts due to the schedule preferred by the depositor, moreover during the allocation term interests continue to be calculated upon the balance value.

Currency AMD or USD
Min amount 50 000 AMD or 200 USD
Max amount 10 000 000 AMD or 30 000 USD
Maximum amount of monthly accumulation 100 000 AMD or 300 USD
Period Deposit accumulation term plus deposit repayment (allocation) term
Deposit accumulation period min 10 years
Interest Rate
  • CBFR1 +0.5%  AMD
  • CBFR1 -0.75%USD
Input of Interests Once a year calculated interest are input on deposit balance.
Repayment of deposit At the end of the deposit accumulation term in a way preferred by the depositor / at once or in equal payments/.
Repayment (allocation) term of the amount Period after the end of deposit accumulation term till the repayment.

1CBFR- "Converse Bank" flexible rate