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Loan "MOBIL" for purchase of a car 

The loan is provided to RA citizen and/or resident private individuals for purchase of a car and other vehicle/s/ for personal usage /hereinafter referred to as the Car/ from primary markets.

Conditions of lending:

Loan currency and amount
  • Maximum AMD 20 mln.
  • Minimum AMD 2 mln

The loan amount cannot exceed 80% of the value of stated in the invoice provided by the car salon or the amount fixed in the agreement signed with cooperating organizations.

  • Maximum 60 months
  • Minumum 24 months
Interest rate Advance payment Annual interest rate PTI*
40% and more 13% Revenue analysis is not required
30-39.9% 13.9% <=60%
20-29.9% 14.9% <=55%
Loan disbursement fee 1% of the loan amount, minimum 25,000 AMD
Fee for review of the loan application AMD 5,000, is charged once, at the time of recording the loan application
Loan account service fee
Monthly AMD 2,000

* PTI - Monthly net income of the borrower and other members running common household with the borrower and the co-borrower/s/, if any.

General provisions and conditions


  • The maximum amount of monthly repayments of the principal amount of the loan and the accrued interest cannot exceed 55-60% /depending on the size of the advance payment/ of the monthly net income /PTI/ earned by the borrower and other members running common household with the borrower and the co-borrower/s/, if any /if the advance payment is 40% and more, analysis of the income isn’t mandatory/;
  • At the time of applying for the loan, the sum of the borrower's age and the loan maturity cannot exceed 65;
  • Existence of 1 guarantor/co-borrower;
  • During the last one year, the customer shall not have classified credit liability/ies/ and 20 and more overdue days for all loans;
  • During the last one year, the members running common household with the borrower shall not have liabilities classified as non-standard, doubtful, and loss.

Procedure of repayment of the loan and interest amount

Is repaid monthly, in one of the following manners:

  • Annuity
  • Spring-like


In case of violation of the repayment terms specified by the agreement, the Borrower pays penalty to the Bank at the rate of 0.13% of the overdue amount for each day of delay.


The loan should be secured by pledge of the purchase car.

The following vehicles purchased from a car salon are subject to pledging cars.

List of required documents to be submitted to the Bank

1. The loan application-questionnaire;
2. Personal identification document, public services number, or a reference on absence of a public services number issued by the body running the state register of the population (isn’t required, if the customer submits an identification card, where the public services number is specified);
3. Reference from the place of employment /issue date of the document as of the day of submission to the Bank shall not exceed 20 calendar days/. The Borrower can also be required to present a copy of his/her available annual individual report presented by the employer for the Borrower:
3.1. In case of conducting other not entrepreneurial activity /e.g. investments, giving property for rent, investments in deposits, etc./ reference on income received from those activities should be submitted;
3.2. In case of conducting entrepreneurial activity:

  • a reference on income received from the activity - for legal entities;
  • financial analysis - for private entrepreneurs and private individuals.

3.2.1. If required, in case when the borrower is a PE and conducts certain activity for which licensing or permission for the activity is required - the respective license and/or permission, if it is a factor significantly affecting the Borrower's income;
4. Invoice provided by the car salon;
5. Reference on the place of residence, specifying the family members living together (after approval of the loan before its disbursement);
6. Technical certificate for the car (after approval of the loan), to be returned to the borrower after submission to the Bank of the state registration certificate for the vehicle;
7. Ownership right certificate for the car (after approval of the loan);
8. Reference regarding restrictions on sale of the vehicle (after approval of the loan);
9. Marriage certificate/s/ (if any) of the Borrower and pledgers (if they are different persons);
10. If the Borrower is a private entrepreneur - a reference from the SRC regarding the Borrower's liabilities towards the state;
11. Other documents, as requested by the Bank.


In certain cases, by decision of the Management Board, fees, fines, and penalties can be charged for early repayment of the loan, except for the cases specified by the RA Law on Consumer Lending.