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Gift Cards

Gift Card

Affordable and accessible for everyone

VISA GIFT gift card is a prepayment card.

Present Converse Bank’s VISA "GIFT" card to your friends, relatives, your beloved person, thereby:

  • saving your time
  • not forcing your taste
  • giving an opportunity to the recipient to choose the present freely.
  • Converse Bank’s VISA "GIFT" card is the most civilized way of presenting money, since:
  • it rules out the unpleasant option of handing in money
  • you avoid giving money in various envelopes

In order to acquire Converse Bank’s VISA "GIFT" card, you just need to visit Converse Bank having a passport with you.

VISA "GIFT" card is provided within 1 day.

If you order Converse Bank’s VISA "GIFT" card, the Bank can print the cardholder’s name and your wishes on the card.

Tariffs of provision and service

N Type of service VISA GIFT card 
1 Card service fee AMD 2,000 /one-off/  
2 Validity period of the card 24 months 
3 Printing the cardholder's name on the card AMD 1,000  
4 Provision of a new card instead of a lost/stolen/damaged card AMD 2,000  
5 Provision of cash at encashment points and ATMs of the Bank3 0.5% 
6 Provision of cash at encashment points and ATMs of ARCA system member banks 1% 
7 Provision of cash at encashment points and ATMs of banks that are not members of ARCA system 1.0%, minimum 1,500 AMD
8 Daily limit of encashment transaction AMD 300,000 


  Maximum amount that can be credited to the card

For cards without the cardholder's name AMD 300,000
For cards with the cardholder's name Without limitation