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Standardized gold bar acquisition loans

Loan for acquisition of standardized gold ingots

The loan is provided to RA citizens for the purpose of acquisition of standardized gold ingots from the Bank.

Lending conditions

Loan currency The loan is disbursed in AMD
Loan amount

Minimum AMD 100,000

Maximum AMD 8,000,000

Maturity 12 36 months  
Loan/collateral ratio 100%
Interest rate 17%  
Repayment procedure Annuity (equal monthly instalments), which includes the principal amount and accrued interests with alternating portions   
Loan disbursement fee 1% of the loan amount
Is charged from the customer’s account once, at the time of loan disbursement   



Upon default of payment of principal and/or interests, the Borrower pays the Bank a penalty at 0.13% of the overdue principal and interest for each day of delay.

Security Standardized gold ingot to be purchased
List of required documents to be submitted to the Bank
  • Application for a loan for acquisition of standardized gold ingots
  • Originals and copies of the passport and the public services number or a reference on having no PSN 


The loan is provided in the head office and branches.