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SMS-Converse/USSD service



Make use of SMS-CONVERSE service and stay updated everywhere.

  • about any transaction with savings/current accounts and the balances on the accounts
  • about transactions with plastic cards and the balances on the card accounts
  • about 3D Secure one-time codes

Receiving the information automatically, without request.

  • Instant control over credits to and debits from the card account

Control credits to and debits from your card account, by means of receiving an SMS message on your mobile phone numbers immediately after each transaction, with the details of the transactions and the balance amount. Please note that the main card can thus control the flow on attached cards.

Tariff of the service: AMD 20 is charged for the service from phone numbers of Armenian mobile operators and AMD 40 - from phone numbers of foreign mobile operators, including VAT.

  • Controlling transactions with savings/current accounts

From now on you have the opportunity to receive automatically an SMS message on your mobile phone number regarding any transaction made with your savings/current accounts at the time of the transaction. This will allow you to be informed about transactions and balances on your accounts.

Tariff of the service: AMD 12, including VAT, will be charged from your savings/ current account for each SMS message.

USSD service

USSD-service is accessible to subscribers of Armenian mobile operators Beeline, UCOM and VivaCell-MTS.

Cardholders will be able to perform the following actions with the help of this service:

  • check the card account balance
  • view the mini-statement of the card account (up to 4-5 latest transactions)
  • block the card (Lost Card status)

In case of successful completion of each request for information, the cardholder will receive an SMS message from "ARCA USSD" subscriber. Nothing will be charged from the cardholder by the mobile phone operator. Fees will be charged according to the Bank’s tariffs.


Sending an SMS message regarding credits to and debits from the card account, sending an SMS message based on inquiry about USSD service. The amounts include the VAT.

  • Subscribers of Armenian mobile operators - AMD 20
  • Subscribers of foreign mobile operators - AMD 40
  • In case of VISA Gold, MasterCard Gold, VISA Platinum, VISA Infinite cards - AMD 0

Maximum 5 cards can be attached to one phone number (regardless of the issuing bank). 5 cards include cards issued by other banks of ARCA system, for which USSD service is activated.

After activation of the service, in order to make use of it, cardholders should send *116# command from the respective mobile phone number.



If one or more cards are attached to the phone number, then the main menu is displayed, which shows the attached cards, the window for changing the language, and information that the issuing bank can charge a fee for usage of the service.




Choosing the language





Information/warning about possible charges



The subscriber can choose any of the attached cards, entering a number from 1 to 5. After choosing the card, the list of permitted actions is displayed.



The subscriber chooses the action entering a number from 1 to 3. In case of choosing the blocking action, the confirmation window will be displayed.




The following message is displayed in case of successful completion of the transaction.




The cardholder receives an SMS message from "ARCA USSD" subscriber, containing the answer to the respective inquiry.


Taking into account the fact that the short message delivery service is provided by an intermediary, the Bank bears no responsibility if the Customer does not receive the SMS sent on behalf of the Bank, or receives it late.

In order to make use of SMS-CONVERSE service, you just need to fill out the application form and submit it at any branch of "Converse Bank" CJSC or via Internet Bank system.