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Additional services


1 Statement from the account, information regarding flow on the account, a reference on a loan /printed from AS operational system/1
  •  For private individuals:
with the frequency set by the legislation of the RA /once/ - 0,
Provision of an additional statement above the frequency set by the legislation of the RA:
- for a period up to 3 years - AMD 1000 /including VAT/,
- - for a period of 3 years and longer (if still available at the Bank) - AMD 3000 /including VAT/
  •  For legal entities
- Once /regardless of the frequency/ - 0
- In case of a duplicate:
a) For the last 1 month - AMD 1,800 /including VAT/
b) For two months up to 1 year - AMD 3,000 /including VAT/
c) More than for the last 1 year up to 3 years - AMD 12,000 /including VAT/
d) For the last 3 years and more (if still available at the Bank) - AMD 24,000 /including VAT/
  Reference on the balance and/or turnover on the account/s/, based on the application submitted via Bank’s website AMD 3,000 /including VAT/
  References to be submitted to different institutions regarding the current, savings, deposit, credit, and card accounts11
  •  for accounts opened less than one month ago10.8 - AMD 5 000, including VAT
  •  for accounts opened more than one month ago - AMD 3 000, including VAT
  •  Social package account reference - 0
  •  State support account reference - 0
  •  Reference to be submitted to the State Revenue Committee of the Government of the RA regarding interest amount paid - 0 AMD /4 times a year/
  •  Reference on opening of a pension account - 0
  Issuance of references/letters
  •  To non-account holder clients - on performed transactions
a) on transactions performed less than one month ago AMD 3,000 /including VAT/
b) on transactions performed more than one month ago - AMD 5,000 /including VAT/
  •  A letter on consent for successive pledge/selling of the property pledged at the Bank - AMD 6,000 per property / including VAT/
  Paros program report issued by the Bank for those registered in the family insecurity system/a reference on having no credit history 0
  SWIFT approval of a transfer made AMD 3 000 /including VAT/
  SWIFT approval of a transfer made /if the application is sent via remote control systems/ AMD 2,000 /including VAT/
  Documentary information on the securities’ market AMD 3 000 /including VAT/
  Duplicates of documents, bases for transaction performance, and other information (the tariff is applied in addition to the tariff for provision of an original)
  •  up to 1 month - AMD 1 800, including VAT
  •  up to 1 year - AMD 3 000, including VAT
  •  above 1 year - AMD 12000, including VAT
  •  For a state support account - 0
  Preparation and provision of replies to audit inquiry1 AMD 10 000 /including VAT/
  Approval of signature and acceptance of power of attorney provided by the Bank’s private individual customer AMD 3 000 /including VAT/
2 Loan restructuring
  Commercial loans 0.5%, minimum 6,000 /including VAT/
  Individual loans2  
  Loans not secured with collateral 0.5%, minimum 6,000 /including VAT/
  Loans secured with collateral 0.5%, minimum 12,000 /including VAT/
  Agricultural loans3 0.5%, minimum 6,000 /including VAT/
3 Վարկի վաղաժամկետ մարման միջնորդավճարներ5
  Անհատական վարկեր6 Վարկի սկզբնական գումարի 3%
  Առևտրային վարկեր7 Վաղաժամկետ մարվող գումարի 5%
4 Delivery of documents, references (applied above the issuance tariff)
  •  by fax (one page) - AMD 1 800, including VAT
  •  by telex (one message) - AMD 1 700, including VAT
  •  by post - private individuals - 0, legal entities - AMD 500, including VAT
  •  by order delivery /DHL and others/ - AMD 30 00, including VAT
Signing of documents on provision of financial services outside the Bank’s area
  •  In Yerevan, Stepanakert - AMD 20,000, including VAT
  •  In regions of the RA - AMD 15,000, including VAT + travel expenses
A box intended for purchase of standardized gold ingots AMD 6 000 ՝ /including VAT/
Trade of securities  
   State short-term bonds - purchase from the primary market 0.05% of the transaction amount

1In case if both a reference and a statement are issued simultaneously to the same customer, then the fee is charged only for the reference.
2 The volume of one transaction shall not be less than the equivalent of AMD 1 million.
3In case if, besides the deposit account, the customer has also a savings and/or card account/s/, then the tariff set for the savings and/or the card account is charged for issuance of a reference regarding the savings and/or card and deposit accounts to be submitted to different institutions, except for the card accounts opened for depositors free of charge when accepting their deposit, in which case the tariff specified for issuance of references/letters is applied.
4 In case of having more than one active account, the date of the account opened earlier shall be considered, irrespective of inclusion in the reference.