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Converse Bank personnel improves professional competence


The continuous improvement and upgrade of professional skills and competences of the Bank personnel is one of the basic strategic trends of Converse Bank, due whereto the Bank aspires to respond fast to market changes and to regularly offer the customers tailored and attractive opportunities.

This time the loan specialists of the Bank will be introduced to project assessment and financing methods and risk management processes in energy saving and renewable energy sectors.

The training is organized by the EC funded INOGATE ITS project together with the USAID/FED project. The specially invited trainer Werner Weis-Raable is the Credit Department Manager of the Austrian ERSTE BANK, the latter having a leading position and extensive practice in the aforementioned industry. The INOGATE ITS և USAID / FED experts will share their advance experience with the participants.

The training is a combinations of theory lectures and various and comprehensive case studies.

The training starts today and will continue through November 9.

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