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Converse Bank offers account management for social packages of civil servants


Starting from 06.02.2013 Converse Bank manages accounts for social packages offered to a number of state organizations by the Government of Armenia.

The special accounts are opened within the scope of social packages, on the following terms:
• Account opening – free of charge,
• Interest rate accrued against account balance – 3% (annual),
• Account servicing – free of charge.

Credit lines will be issued on the social package account. The employees whose salary is transferred to the payroll card, apart from the credit limit issued on the payroll card, will be offered on ARCA or VISA Electron credit card the twofold of the sum provided thereto under the social package, or one-fold of the sum unless holding payroll cards. The credit line will be issued on the following terms:
• Use of credit limit non cash and only for the purpose designed under Social Package,
• Effective period – up to 2 years,
• Interest rate – 14% per annum (no grace period is designed).
In case you choose to apply for mandatory health insurance, please be informed that Converse Bank is also serves as an Agent for a number of insurance companies.

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