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Cooperation-Visa &


Visa had become the official partner for payments of portal, due whereto the Internet shopping at American stores would become easier for Armenian shoppers.

Moreover, the Visa cardholders can enjoy special offers, and importantly, the shopping lovers can use the new advantages quite soon, on Christmas Eve when the traditional grand sales start in the US.Under the contract the Visa cardholders will be offered special benefits; particularly they will be exempt from membership fees for two years, get 25% discount for the shipment of purchased goods in the first month and 20% discount for further shipments, as well as complementary insurance to the amount of $100. In addition, the consumers can make shopping on the site by using the services of the personal online shopping consultant, who will help to purchase goods by making a bid or an offer.

The site users will also get an access to the discount system through a special search service for coupons and comparable prices for products. The Visa cardholders can register a account on already today to enjoy shopping and be able to track the shipment of the purchase.

By using the own shipment service, MyUs company opens an access for consumers worldwide to the stores in the US, including those not making international shipments or accepting only American cards for payment. The particular partnership will allow the Visa cardholders to make shopping and pay for purchases with the user-friendly cards.

We do believe this information will interest you and you will communicate about the new service to your Visa cardholders, so that your clients can pay with Visa cards and save when purchasing US brands.

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