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Converse Bank released the new branch Erebuni


The new branch of Converse Bank was officially opened on November 6th, 2012. It is located on 11 Erebuni street and is the 30th branch of the bank. It is projected to meet all the modern customer service standards the best way possible. The branch is fully equipped with all necessary techniques and boasts with the staff ready to treat daily 150-200 customers. Legal entities are offered separate treatment, for the service to be quick and effective.

The branch presents flexible banking projects: business loans, mortgage, car, gold collateral, construction, student and other personal loans, term deposits, bank accounts, transfers, cards. In addition to these, Converse Bank presents its customers full banking packages with more competitive and attainable conditions.Converse Bank boasts with 12 branches in Yerevan and 18 branches in RA regions, including 2 Postbank branches in Yerevan and Kapan. The bank has adopted “7/24” principle and realizes 24 hour service in its “Aviation” branch in “Armenia International Airports” on Sundays, and Sunday-halfday service in Kilikia branch. As Converse Bank has set an objective to refine permanently bank-customer relations, it develops continuously both branches and proposed products, providing correspondence to the high banking standards and more favorable conditions for customer services.

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