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Six depositors won 1 mln. AMD during the lottery of "Chance" action


On October 31, through the lottery drawing result, 6 depositors won the fund of AMD 1 million, one of who won AMD 750.000 and others AMD 50.000 each.

People took part in the drawing since the start of the new term deposit promo "Chance", 46 depositors who invested from May to June 30.

Term deposit "Chance" significantly differs from all deposit types that the bank has had up to now.

The particularity is that during the entire period of the deposit, once in a quarter, there is organized a lottery drawing among depositors. In addition, each of the AMD 50.000 deposit that participated in the drawing will continue participating in all future drawings until the end of deposit term. Deposit is accepted in AMD, with 36 months term. The minimum amount is only AMD 50 thousand. In result of each drawing, 6 depositors will win, and winning fund can make more than AMD 1 million.

It is also worth noting, that about 430 depositors invested money under the above-mentioned promo starting from May up to date.

There currently operate other types of deposit promos for mortgage loans in "Converse Bank", i.e., "Happy Parents" and newly operating "Yerevan" term deposit.

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