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The universally-known magazine "GLOBAL FINANCE" acknowledges "Converse Bank" as Armenia's best bank in the nomination "The Emerging Market Banks"


For the consecutive year the universally-known "GLOBAL FINANCE" acknowledges "Converse Bank" "the Best Bank of Armenia", in the nomination "Best Emerging Market Banks".

The "GLOBAL FINANCE" group of editors and analysts has been carrying out such research and selection among banks for 14 years. The selection was conducted in well over 19 countries of Asia. The selection criteria comprised services rendered to customers, competitive tariffs, introduction of new bank service, strategic relantionship, etc.. In the neighbouring countries - Georgia and Azerbaijan - the analogical prize was awarded to "TBC BANK" and "INTERNATIONAL BANK OF AZERBAIJAN" respectively.

The "Best Emerging Market Banks" nomination winners' award ceremony will take place in October 2007, during the Annual Assembly of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington.

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