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A success story - Argentinean center


Converse Bank sends greetings on Knowledge and Education Day and presents a remarkable educational initiative - the Argentinean Center by the Linguistic University after Bryussov.
"As you know, Linguistic University after Bryussov is a place where languages are studied. The University is famous for its traditions. "It is very important to know the culture, because it shapes the corresponding linguisting thinking, helps to learn the language through culture, to recognize the gestures, traditions, so that you can interact with the representatives of those nations and ensure accurate communication", - says Christina Tsaturyan, Head of the Department of Foreign Relations and International Cooperation at the Bryussov State University.
It is for this reason that in 2019 the University and the Embassy of Argentina announced their intention to establish a Spanish language training center at the university.
"Converse Bank participated in the implementation of the project as a third party, with the financing and support to help establish the Argentinean Center. It was a very important action towards establishing the appropriate environment and conditions for learning Spanish. Lecturers from Spain and Argentina are teaching here today. "Thoughts and ideas are generated and brought to life," she said.

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