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Converse Bank has launched the next round of bonds placement


On April 20, Converse Bank started distribution of bonds totaling 3 billion Armenian drams and 10 million US dollars. In the near future they will also be available on Converse Bank Mobile app.

The face value of the Armenian dram bond is 50,000, and face value of the US dollar bond is 100. The coupon yield is 9.75% and 5.25%, respectively. The term of the bonds is 36 months, the coupon payment frequency is semi-annual.

To maintain the availability of this product in the market , Converse Bank plans to issue up to 20 million US dollars and 5 billion drams, of total volume of bonds.

Contrasting deposits, investing in bonds has a number of advantages, the most significant of which is the tax exemption on the coupon interest. Another advantage is that the bonds can be sold at a secondary market before their the end of their tenor.

Once placed, the bonds will be listed on the Armenian Stock Exchange, where a professional market maker, will be assigned to maintain their liquidity in the secondary market.

The bonds are insured by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

The details of the issuance and placement, as well as the electronic versions of the Final Terms of the Programme prospectus can be downloaded from the bank's website at

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