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Wide range of options of money transfers through the new Mobile Application of Converse Bank


Converse Bank’s new Mobile application allows you to make domestic and international money transfers by following just a few simple steps. Mobile transfers can be performed with passport/ID data, Card2Card transfers to payment cards of foreign banks, SWIFT transfers, other. Accordingly, the transfer options can be easily accommodated to your needs even with limited information about the recipient.

“ The new Mobile application of Converse Bank offers many options for transfers. The list is regularly updated. Soon, our users will also have access to fast money transfer functions through Converse Transfer, Money Gram and Unistream systems. We strive to create a financial ecosystem for our clients where all transfers can be made from one single platform by a convenient method for the customer”, said Marine Bleyan, Head of Digital Banking Center at Converse Bank.

Making transactions with the new Mobile application is simple and quick, and the number of mandatory information fields have been minimized as far as possible. For example, to make a transfer to a friend who is a customer of Converse Bank, you just need to enter your friend’s phone number registered with Converse Bank, select the account from which you will transfer money, enter the amount and click to confirm. Within a few seconds, the money will be already available to the recipient.

By the way, in addition to transfers, the new Mobile Application of Converse Bank, allows you:
• Not only manage your accounts wherever you are, but also order a new or linked card and open an account without visiting the Bank.
• Order an NFC VISA pay sticker or VISA mini fob for touch-free payments.
• Manage your card settings directly from the application such as block the card, change transaction limits, and activate a variety of notification methods as needed.
• Make various payments using sample templates.
• Exchange currency,
• Repay a loan(s),
• Invest a deposit, replenish and terminate it at any time,
• Make various payments related to vehicle,
• Manage application settings in seconds: change and reset password and PIN code, activate Face ID / Touch ID, change application language,
• Accumulate Converse points for card transactions, then use them,
• Edit personal data registered with the bank, including the Bankıng password, which is used to identify the client by phone.
• Follow the news and offers of the Bank.

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