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Converse Bank has introduced ConverseGreen - “Green” financing product


Converse Bank has launched corporate and SME financing project within the framework of ConverseGreen loan. It is designated to small, medium and large entrepreneurs, individuals and entities carrying out activities in the agricultural sector and development/construction organizations.

ConverseGreen is a competitive offer directed towards expansion of energy efficiency and use of alternative energy. Financing within the framework of the lending will allow the entities to acquire equipment and technologies meeting the highest state-of-the-art standards, modernize their infrastructure.

Key directions of funding include, in particular: acquisition of heating and ventilation, lighting, cooling systems, building constructions’ improvement / repair /, acquisition of food processing equipment, transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, solar panels installation and so on .

The amount of financing under the product ranges from 5 million to 1 billion Armenian drams. Lending is provided with up to 60 months repayment period, at a competitive interest rate.

It should be noted that ConverseGreen product was introduced within the framework of KFW “Energy Efficiency SMEs" project.


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