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Campaign term has been extended


Converse Bank has prolonged the term of the campaign for issuance of mortgage loans, loans secured by real estate collateral and provision of credit cards with non-renewable balance. The campaign will be extended until February 29, 2020 inclusively.

 Within the framework of the campaign, the Bank offers a lending instrument to its clients who are RA residents and/or RA citizens, in order to transfer their and/or their affiliates’ loans from other banks/financial organizations.

 For transfer of mortgage loans for the purchase, renovation and construction of residential real estate, financing is provided in three currencies, at annual nominal interest rate starting from 13% in AMD, starting from 9.5% in USD, starting from 8% in Euro.

 As for the transfer of loans for purchase, renovation and development of non-residential real estate, financing is provided at annual nominal interest rate starting from 14% in AMD, starting from 10.5% in USD and starting from 9% in Euro. The same interest rates apply for lending/provision of credit cards for transfer of loans secured by real estate.

 No fee is charged for examination of loan application, loan disbursement and cash withdrawal, while pledged property preliminary appraisal fee, notarial validation fees are incurred by the Bank.

 Details of the campaign, including information on actual and effective interest rates, are available at 

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