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Visa Mini Fob - Converse Bank's interesting offer to its customers


 What is a Visa Mini Fob?

VISA Mini Fob is an accessory/additional card attached to the VISA classic payment system card with which you can make touch-free transactions using Visa Pay Wave technology. It will be provided by Converse Bank together with its accessories: silicone bracelet, keyring and more.

What opportunities does the Visa Mini Fob provide?

Mini Fob allows you to make the same touch-free transactions as with a non-contact card. You can also order it for your family members and set a monthly usage limit. In case of performing up to 3 (three) transactions daily with Visa Mini Fob in the amount of up to AMD 10,000 or equivalent foreign currency you will not be required to enter a PIN code.

Are there any other similar offers?

Currently the Bank also offers Visa Pay Stickers to its customers. These are touch-free card stickers attached to VISA CLASSIC main card, which can be fixed to back surfaces of your phones or accessories and use it to make touch-free purchases/payments, as well as cash withdrawals.

Where can they be used?

Visa Mini Fob and Visa Pay Sticker can be used both in Armenia and abroad. In case of loss they can be blocked.

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