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Converse Bank completely abandoning usage of plastic


 Converse Bank completely abandoning usage of plastic

Converse Bank intends to completely abandon the usage of plastic in the near future, becoming the first financial institution in Armenia to undertake such an initiative. Recently this initiative has been launched in the Bank Headquarters and Customer Service Office, where plastic cups were replaced by paper cups, and waste sorting has also been introduced. Waste is recycled after use.

"Environmental protection projects are always in the center of focus for Converse Bank and are one of the most important components of the Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility Program. As part of the implementation of this project, the use of plastic cups will be gradually abandoned at the Bank's branches, and our partner ISSD company will handle waste sorting, recycling and reuse. ", said Converse Bank.
The Bank also highlights the need to protect the environment in its partner communities. At present, the establishment of waste sorting and recycling facilities in these communities is under discussion.

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