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Medium-term Coupon Bonds’ Instalments Are Paid


Volume of instalments paid for Converse Bank cjsc medium-term coupon bonds comprised AMD 8,046,000 as at September 16. Sum of one bond instalment amounts to AMD 804,6. Their payments have received 2 legal entities and 25 individuals.

Let us remind that Converse Bank has started allocation of the first tranche of its nominal, medium-term coupon bonds on December 16, 2008.

The nominal volume of the first tranche bonds is AMD 300.000.000 (three hundred million), maturity period - 3 years, annual earnings yield - 10,64%. The bond coupons are repaid quarterly.

The total nominal volume of issued bonds is AMD 1.500.000.000 (one billion and five hundred million), in numbers of 50.000 (fifty thousand), each in AMD 30.000 (thirty thousand) nominal value. Issue of bonds will be installed through several tranches.

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