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2-30% discount for "Converse Bank" CJSC holders of ARCA, VISA, MASTERCARD cards


"Converse Bank" CJSC has developed an exceptional discount system, offering 2-30% discount to the holders of its ARCA, VISA, MASTERCARD cards at more than 220 local trade and service centers. Hereinafter, the above-mentioned cards purchased from Converse Bank, besides being means of payment, will offer considerable discounts to the cardholders, irrespective of the season and of other discounts announced by the trade centers.

The purpose of establishing this discount system is to provide the most comfortable conditions for Converse Bank cardholders.

Besides, a special cooperation agreement has been signed with MasterCard system, in the result of which the holders of MarterCard Standard and Gold cards can obtain up to 30% discount at more than 400 trade centers of foreign countries.

Please be reminded that there is also a discount system offered to holders of "Converse Bank" VISA CLASSIC, VISA GOLD and VISA PLATINUM cards, within the scopes of which the cardholders can get up to 75% discount at 50.000 hotels in 130 countries of the world.

The current list of the trade and service centers is increasing daily, and the relevant information is posted on the Bank website

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