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"Converse Bank" performs regular payment of medium-term bond coupons.


"Converse Bank" CJSC has started regular payment of its nominal medium-term bond coupons from June 16. The amount of the coupon paid per one bond makes up AMD 804.6 (total amount of the given coupon to be paid is 8,046,000). As of June 16 the bank has already paid about AMD 8,046,000. The payments were received by 1 legal entity and 25 individuals.

We would like to remind you that "Converse Bank" had started allocation of the first trench of its nominal medium-term bond issuance on December 16, 2008.

Nominal value of the allocated bonds makes up AMD 300.000.000 (three hundred thousand), repayment term is 3 years and annual profitability makes up 10.64%. The bond coupons are paid in quarterly recurrence.

Total nominal value of bonds issued by the bank makes up AMD 1.500.000.000 (One billion five hundred million), 50 000 (fifty thousand) units each with AMD 30.000 (thirty thousand) nominal value. The allocation of bonds will be carried out with more than one trench.

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