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"Converse Bank" introduces advanced quality management technologies


Being one of Armenia's leading banks, "Converse Bank" has always been noted for its activity in the plane of introduction of international banking innovations, modern world technologies for improving its governance system. For one year now "Converse Bank" has been working on introduction of ISO 9001:2000 quality management standards. During this period the whole Bank management process, beginning from its inner normative statements and documentation, has been changed. The chief goal of the introduced innovations was, above all, satisfaction of Bank customers’ demand and the highest quality service. And the best indicator of this success was the award of quality management certificate by quite a well-known throughout Europe German Audit Company TUV. The award if this certificate also means that the Bank management principles meet the best international standards which circumstance secures "Converse Bank’s" reputation as that of a stable, developing bank which keeps pace with the time.

As a whole, quality management, and in case with a bank – management of the quality of services offered, constitutes one of the most important components of the activity of any organization. And compliance with international standards is not simply homage to good image in external markets. In "Converse Bank" attention is paid to these technologies’ making essential contributions to the improvement of the Bank’s governance system. In particular, the efficiency of the vertical governance system in the Bank has significantly increased: "While in the past a Bank employee could direct his/her remarks concerning the improvement of the services offered to customers to his/her chief only, and only after that, in case the latter considered it necessary, the remark was directed to the Bank’s supreme governance, nowadays there exists a special form which can be completed by any employee and thus the employee’s remarks will efficiently reach the supreme governance of the Bank".

The ISO 9001:2000 quality management model was selected due to a number of reasons, the main among which is the successful experience of its introduction worldwide. The essence of the standard is brought to the application of "process" approach during development, introduction and improvement of the efficiency of quality management system aimed at increase of consumers’ satisfaction due to execution of their demands. "Converse Bank" points out that in the standard the customers’ individual peculiarities and social status are considered, as well as issues customer service rules depending on the customers’ characteristics. The methodology is applied to all processes in the standard which is known as "Plan-Do-Check-Act" cycle, that is: plan (Bank goals and policy)-implementation (introduction of processes)-check (control of processes and production in comparison with the policy and goals)-action (the actions undertaken for constant improvement of process indexes). Another advantage of the standard is continuity of management which is provided at the meeting point between separate processes within a process system as well as at their combination and interaction. This continuity renders it possible to constantly improve the quality management technology. It is also of equal importance that the ISO 9001:2000 standard does not imply uniformity in the structure of quality management system or uniformity in documentation, and its requirements to quality management system are supplementary regarding those to products offered by the Bank, and the requirements for this standard are described in minutest detail. The latter is quite essential: "Here everything is described so comprehensibly and in such detail that any employee of the Bank, even being a newcomer, can perform his/her job well following the prescriptions of the given standard".

"Converse Bank" intends to constantly perfect its management system which intention is spoken well for by the Bank’s readiness to conduct annual audit check-ups for compliance with international quality management standards.

"Converse Bank" CJSC ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate N 01 100 051303

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