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Online lending to small and medium-sized businesses is now available on the Converse Bank website


Converse Bank announces the launch of an online platform for lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):
The launch of the platform is another step towards comprehensive banking and consulting services for our SME clients.
Last year, after having assessed the requirements of the bank's corporate clients, Converse Bank established a designated center for financing small and medium-sized enterprises in Armenia, where entrepreneurs can not only use complex banking services, but also benefit from the consulting support to launch and develop their business.
At this stage, with the launch of an online platform for lending to small and medium-sized enterprises, Converse Bank invites entrepreneurs to fill out a loan application by following a few simple steps from the link above, thus saving time on visiting the bank.
At the moment, the platform also provides a complete turnaround of lending process within the framework of Converse Bank's product - Converse-Fast. The list of available lending products will be expanding in the future.
Converse Bank will continue to develop new solutions for SME clients. In the near future, the bank will launch new projects aimed at supporting business.

The oversight of the Bank is performed by the Central Bank of Armenia.

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