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Conclusion of CMTPL Contracts through Payment Terminals of Converse Bank is Affordable and Fast


For the purpose of making its services more convenient and accessible for the customers, Converse Bank presents its next offer and gives its customers the opportunity of concluding CMTPL contracts through the Bank’s payment terminals. The service is by 5 percent more affordable and signing of the contract takes only a few minutes.

To conclude a contract, the customer selects an insurance company through the payment terminal, enters required information, fixes the contract date and makes the payment. The customer receives the copy of the signed contract by the email address mentioned in the form and, at will, can take the printed copy of the contract in the relevant insurance agency.

In the nearest future the service will be available to customers through the Payment portal of the Bank, as told in Converse Bank. The payment portal is a digital platform by which you can make card-to-card transfers, pay for utilities, telecommunication services and parking or penalties for parking; the Bank's customers can also replenish their bank accounts, deposit money on the card and repay loans.

Please click the link below for details regarding the terminals of Converse Bank .

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