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ARMINFO / Converse Bank launches 3 new types of time deposits


Converse Bank has launched three new types of time deposits, particularly, "Golden baby", "Happy future" and "Pension"

The press service of the bank told ArmInfo that the long-term accumulative deposit "Golden baby" is taken as bullion. The deposit is registered on a minor's name and received by his/her legal representative for 5-16 years at a zero annual rate with possible regular replenishment. Upon completion of the period, the depositor can receive the amount equivalent to the accumulated gold or order standardized gold bullion.

Within the frames of the "Happy future" deposit, the minimal amount of the deposit is 50 thsd AMD or 200 USD, which will monthly be replenished by maximum 100 thsd AMD or 300 USD. The deposit is taken for 10 years at the annual computed interest rate of the bank (currently - at 10%) + 5 pct points. The computed interest rate of the Converse Bank is revised once a month.

The "Pension" deposit is meant for aged citizens receiving a monthly pension and wishing to make savings. The minimal amount of the deposit is 10 thsd AMD, and the minimal amount of replenishments of the deposit account is to be 5 times as much as the initial contribution. The given deposit is taken for 1 year at 13% p.a. (at the moment). In case of pre-time suspension of the deposit, re-settlement is made at 6% p.a.


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