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mConverse: Bank in your smartphone

mConverse: Become a leader in the market place by accepting mobile payments!


Through mConverse merchants can accept payments made via the customer’s smartphone on their PCs or smartphones. Using latest generation technologies, businesses can delegate payment order creation to cashiers, delivery personnel or other front-line employees. With this functionality, merchants can receive payments for goods and services directly from the buyer, creating a payment order on the spot, receiving confirmation of payment, and only then delivering goods or rendering services. To optimally speed up the process, the merchandiser can also use the mConverse web interface, to send and receive payment orders. mConverse offers partnering merchandisers exceptionally attractive prices (low annual service fee and a very competitive commission for each deal).



 mConverse - mobile commerce en enables merchants to:


  • Send payment orders from any place through smartphone or web interface
  • Receive payments on smartphone or web interface
  • Announce discounts for all users of mConverse
  • Create loyalty programs in mConverse.



How to use other mobile banking services:


  • Check account balances
  • Make transfers (one-time or regular) between their accounts and to other accounts
  • Check exchange rates
  • Make utility payments
  • View transaction history and get statements
  • Find nearby Converse Bank ATMs.



Registering for mConverse
To use mConverse, you just need an Android or iOS smartphone. Download the software directly from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Visit a Converse Bank branch, show your ID, get the security certificate code and make the relevant settings.
For detailed registration steps, please click here.



Service Tariffs
SMART transfer 1%
Transfer inside bank 1%
Transfer to another bank 1% min AMD 100
Bill payments AMD 20 per payment
mCommerce commission  1%
Annual service fee AMD10 000 



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