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Converse online bank

Converse online bank

Converse Bank Internet Bank system is a remote system for banking services. It allows to manage your funds through the internet in 24/7 mode, quickly and securely, at any time, in any place.
The system provides for a wide range of banking services and is intended both for organizations (legal entities) and persons (private individuals).

Converse Bank Internet Bank system saves your time and money, instead of visiting the Bank and standing in queues. You don’t have to install separate software and follow its updates - the Bank is responsible for further updates and service of the system. You can make use of the offered banking services also by means of a mobile phone.

Converse Bank Internet Bank system is equipped with the latest technologies, which ensures high-level protection of the banking transactions. The data are encoded by means of the most secure technology at present - by 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Access to the system and execution of various instruments additionally protect usage of the security device. The system uses Digipass family devices of VASCO Data Security company. VASCO Data Security is the world leader among companies manufacturing identification devices for online systems.

The system is also activated with the help of Converse Mobile application available on App Store and Play Market online stores. By downloading the application, it is possible to access the system with the same username and password and make use of the following services.

Converse Bank Internet Bank system makes it possible to:

1. view the following information:

  • balances and operations with banking accounts
  • statements of accounts, banking cards, loans, deposits
  • online balances of banking cards
  • loan-related information and repayment schedule
  • deposit-related information
  • foreign currency exchange rates
  • received and sent letters
  • list of made payments and transfers

2. perform the following transactions:

  • transfer - international and on the territory of the RA (also group transfer), including transfers to the state budget
  • currency conversion
  • loan repayment; no repayment is possible from card accounts
  • opening and replenishment of a deposit GUIDELINE
  • opening of additional savings accounts
  • utility payments
  • editing, copying, and cancellation of documents

3. send and receive letters in free format, as attached files (MS Word, Excel, etc.)

4. import data from .xml format file

5. create templates of documents (sample forms)

If the total size of the documents supporting a transaction and documents containing additional information, to be sent by you via Internet Bank system, exceeds the maximum permitted limit of 500Kb, please archive the file folder and send it from your e-mail address recorded at the Bank and, if it is impossible, send it from another e-mail address and either submit a message via Internet Bank system indicating the e-mail address from which your letter will be sent, or add a password, following the process described in the GUIDELINE

Application for Converse Bank Internet Bank service