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"My future"

"My Future"

The loan is provided to RA citizen and/or resident private individuals, for payment of the tuition fee at institutions of higher education approved by the Bank

Conditions of lending

Currency AMD


  • AMD 100,000


  • AMD 4 000 000, which cannot exceed the total amount of the tuition fee.

The loan is transferred directly to the account of the educational institution semi-annually/annually, according to the payment order submitted by the client

Maturity 12-84 months, but not longer than the quantity of the years remaining till the end of the period of study
Interest rate


In case of availability of the reference regarding excellent study - 17%

Loan disbursement fee  2% of the loan amount, is charged once
  • Personal guarantee of the borrower’s parents and/or another creditworthy third person who isn’t a family member
  • By demand of the Bank - other collateral

1 In case if a reference is submitted from the dean's office of the educational institution regarding excellent study, the interest rate will be 19%.

*For those students, who make use of Student Loans and Express Student Loans and obtain one VISA ISIC debit card /AMD or USD or EURO/ during the maturity period of the loan, the annual service fee for the account will be 0 for the next 24 months.

The loan is provided to RA citizen and/or resident private individuals, who are students of institutions of higher education acceptable for the Bank.

Dear student, we offer a systemic approach to the issue and give an opportunity to obtain a loan for the whole cycle of study. Repayment of the loan won't become a burden, since we give you sufficient time.

We provide loans for study both for the Bachelor's and Master's degree.

General provisions and conditions


  • The maximum amount of monthly repayments of the principal amount of the loan and the accrued interest cannot exceed 60% of the Borrower’s and guarantor’s (guarantors’) net monthly income;
  • At the time of loan disbursement, the maximum amount of monthly repayment of the principal amount and accrued interest of all outstanding loans, including those of the guarantor(s), cannot exceed 70% of the Borrower’s and the guarantor’s (guarantors’) monthly net income;
  • There should be no classification as non-standard, doubtful, and loss in the credit history of the Borrower and the guarantor during the last 12 months as of the time of applying for the loan.

Procedure of repayment of the loan and interest amount

  • Is done with “Annuity” method

Procedure of disbursement

  • The loan is disbursed by maximum 10 tranches, but not more than for the amount of 100% of the tuition fee for half a year or one year.
  • The loan is transferred directly to the account of the educational institution semi-annually/annually, according to the payment order submitted by the customer.


Upon default of payment of principal and/or interests, the Borrower pays the Bank a penalty at 0.13% of the overdue principal and interest for each day of delay.

No penalties are defined for early repayment of the loan.

List of required documents

  • Loan application;
  • Originals of the borrower’s and guarantors’/pledgers’ personal identification document and public services number, or a reference on absence of a public services number issued by the body running the state register of the population (isn’t required, if the customer submits an identification card);
  • A reference from the guarantors’ employer, which shall be dated not more than 20 calendar days before the date of submission;
  • If clients are engaged in other, non-entrepreneurial activity /e.g. investment, lease of property, investment in deposits, etc./ a reference for the income earned from such activity should be submitted;
  • For clients engaged in entrepreneurial activity:

- a reference on the income obtained from the business - for legal entities;
- financial analysis – for private entrepreneurs and private individuals; for private entrepreneurs – also a reference from the SRC regarding the latter's liabilities towards the state.

  • If required, in case when the borrower is a PE and conducts certain activity for which licensing or permission for the activity is required – the respective license and/or permission, if it is a factor significantly affecting the Borrower's income.
  • Copy(ies) of the ownership certificate(s) for the property(ties) (if any) owned by the guarantor parents;
  • A reference from the student’s educational institution, where the student’s name and surname, year at the institute, the size of the annual/semi-annual tuition fee, and the requisites of the educational institution’s banking account should be specified;
  • A document provided by the school, specified by the legislation of the RA as required for payment of the student’s tuition fee (invoice, transfer account, etc.), if such information isn’t provided in the reference;
  • Other necessary documents.

Other conditions

In case of having positive credit history during the previous three years of loan repayment, the customer is offered the opportunity of geting a credit limit of 10 percent of the approved loan amount without further review, in form of a credit card.

The loans are disbursed at the head office and the branches.

List of required documents


The interest amount of the loan is calculated on the basis of the nominal interest rate. The effective annual interest rate shows how much the loan will cost for you in case of timely and full payment of the interest amounts and other payments. You can see the procedure of calculation of the effective annual interest rate if you follow the link below:
Procedure and example of calculation of the effective interest rate /according to the RA Law "On Consumer Lending"/.