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Converse Bank CJSC Registered Coupon Bond Program Prospectus was registered by the Central Bank of Armenia based on the CBA Chairman Resolution #1/297A at April 25, 2017.

Allocation of the I tranche of the issued bonds began on May 5, 2017 and was completed on May 16, 2017. Within the framework of the first tranche, bonds with nominal value of USD 6 000 000 were allocated.

The report regarding the transactions executed on "NASDAQ OMX ARMENIA" OJSC’s platforms with the bonds issued by "Converse Bank" CJSC is available at the following link:

The Program Prospectus was published on the Bank’s website on 28.04.2017.

The Program Prospectus can be downloaded here, and the hard copy can be obtained at Head Office of Converse Bank CJSC: 26/1 Vazgen Sargsyan, Republic Square, 0010 Yerevan, Armenia.


Issuer Converse Bank CJSC
Type of securities Registered, coupon bond
Pay value USD 100 
Total value of 1st tranche USD 6,000,000 
Flotation period 24 months
Coupon 5.75%
Coupon payment frequency Semiannual
Allocator Converse Bank CJSC

Under the RA LAW ON GUARANTEE OF REMUNERATION OF BANK DEPOSITS OF PHYSICAL ENTITIES, the funds attracted with registered coupon bonds issued by the Bank are deemed a bank deposit and are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

The buyer of bonds should hold or open:

  1. Securities account with any licensed Account Operator, and
  2. USD and AMD account with any bank.

Converse Bank CJSC is an account operator. All respective accounts can be opened with Converse Bank CJSC.

The accounts are opened and serviced free of charge throughout the bond circulation period for customers acquiring bonds issued by Converse Bank CJSC.

The minimum amount of bonds to be acquired is 30 (thirty), and the maximum number is restrained with the total quantity of issue.

The Bank is reserved the right of a tax agent to calculate and pay in due order the income tax (10%) from interests earned against bonds.

Final Issuance Terms can be downloaded here 




Bond Program Prospectus

Final Issuance Terms

Bond Price

Buy Order for Legal Entities

Buy Order for Individuals

Special package for customers purchasing bonds

The following special conditions of using banking products apply for the customers purchasing bonds:

  • Providing the Bank’s cardholder customers with a payment card a class higher than the existing one, applying the Bank’s tariffs and rates of the existing card type, defined for the Bank’s customers.
  • Providing a payment card to non-cardholder customers of the Bank, at 50% discount to the existing tariff.1
  • Possibility of providing a credit limit for the payment card, on the following conditions:2
Type of the credit limit Revolving, without a grace period
Currency of the credit limit USD
Size of the credit limit Up to 95% of the value of pledged bonds
Annual interest rate 8.75%
Maturity Not more than before the working day preceding the due date of bond(s) redemption
  • In case of using the service of individual deposit boxes at the Bank’s "Kilikia" and "Nor-Nork" branches, 50% discount to the existing tariff is applied.
  • Current and savings accounts in AMD and USD are opened for the customers purchasing bonds without a service fee for the years when the customer has an unredeemed bond.
  • The customers purchasing bonds are given the opportunity to conclude repo agreements on reverse purchase condition for the purpose of temporary selling of the customer’s bonds. The conditions of the repo agreement are determined on the basis of the market prices and interest rates applied at the time of execution of the transaction.

1If the buyer of the bond is a legal entity, then the payment card can be provided in the name of the Director and the Chief Accountant of the company. This provision doesn’t apply to cards covered by other promotions announced by the Bank.
2The credit limit is provided if not less than 30 calendar days remain until expiry of the bond’s maturity term.

If the Bank’s depositors terminate their term deposit agreement prematurely and invest the total amount of the deposit or a part of it in the bonds issued by the Bank, then the interest amount will not be recalculated for premature termination of the deposit agreement provided that in case of partial investment of the amount into bonds, the remaining amount of the deposit will be redeposited until expiry of the term of the terminated deposit.