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AS "Bank-Client" software

 AS "Bank-Client" software package is most convenient for legal entities. It gives an opportunity to do the following:

Make transfers:

  • in AMD
  • in foreign currency

Make foreign exchange

Follow the funds flow through the account

Send text messages to the bank in a free format.


The software has the following means of security:

  • entering the username and password to access the system;
  • RSA standard created:
  • 1024 bit coding,
  • 1024 bit long electronic signature.

AS “Bank-Client” software V 3.7 remote control system includes the following:

  • possibility of reintegration with the accounting software package of the organization;
  • interface in Armenian and English languages.

Minimum requirements:

  • computer availability,
  • availability of modem or interface connection with the software server;
  • availability of Windows 98 and higher operational system.

Please see the service tariffs here.