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Changes in "Converse Bank" CJSC fees and rates

Changes in "Converse Bank" CJSC fees and rates

Dear Customer,

Please be advised that the below changes have been made in Tariffs and Rates of Converse Bank CJSC, effective January 18, 2018.

Under the new changes:


SMS on cash-ins and cash-outs on the card, sending of SMS based on USSD inquiry; the sums include VAT

  • 20 AMD for RA cell operators numbers
  • 40 AMD for foreign cell operator numbers
Ungrounded request for Chargeback 3 AMD 5 000
Increase of credit limit on card AMD 0 - 5 000
One-time commission for issuance/increase of credit limit; is applied to credit limit/increased limit and to re-issuance of limit 4 0.3%

3 The request filed with the Bank by the customer is deemed ungrounded, unless the information included therein corresponds to reality.

4 Is applied only if set under payroll agreement/offer.

The above fees are charged from AMD accounts, and in their absence from FX accounts at the noncash buying rate set by the Bank for the respective currency at the date of charge.

Statement on opening of pension account AMD 0

: 22.01.2018

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