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BANKER.AM / "Converse bank" expands the circle of services, bringing the account of pointless gold


The CJSC «Converse bank» continues to expand the circle of services, this time bringing the new account of pointless gold.

In parallel with other known bank accounts, the account of pointless gold is opened to destination of a client. The account of pointless gold is the acceptance of gold of individual character without an ingot. At opening of the account the bank to destination of a client gets the gold corresponding the volume of the account of pointless ingots. The account is opened in drams, equal to the price of gold of 999.9 test. The account of pointless gold also can be periodically replenished by a client.

The client can close the account of pointless gold at any time. And, in difference of other accounts, at closing of the account of gold the client can take back the sum equivalent to the quantity of got gold at the rate of gold at present or to order the standardized ingot of gold corresponding to the weight of gold.

Let's remind that in parallel with the account of pointless gold in the bank the long-term memory deposit of pointless gold "Gold kid" operates, and also sale of the standardized ingots of gold is carried out.


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