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VVP offers exploration of new building projects


The exhibition will last for a day and offer a specific opportunity of exploring new building projects in Yerevan and other cities of Armenia. According to the organizers, the concept of the exhibition is to let the owners of newly-erected constructions vividly demonstrate their property as well as projects, rendering them in spectacular posters, shots and models. Potential buyers may thus get visual perception of the buildings, estimate the convenience of their location, planning and layout as well as interior of apartments and office areas in order to proceed to selection of property matching their own taste as well as purse. True that any agency can assist in finding an appropriate flat or office, the only difference being the volume of assortment offered – 2-3 buildings against a much larger selection at the exhibition. Besides, the latter has another significant advantage: in case the buyer decides to acquire an apartment it will cost him much less since the transaction will be effected immediately with the seller himself.
One may say that by organizing such an exhibition you literally "cut the bough you are sitting on", thus depriving yourselves of possible interests derived from sale. Doesn’t this upset you?", - this question is addressed to Vruyr Penesyan, Managing Director of VVP Real Estate Agency.
In fact it does not since the organization of this event did not have profit as ultimate goal. I do agree however, that had we sold several apartments in newly-erected buildings, our incomes would have been much greater. But in this case we were moved by the desire to offer to people a large selection and help them acquire dwelling in shorter terms and at relatively low prices. On the other hand, the owners of new constructions also can appreciate the advantages of this endeavour since the number of people visiting the exhibition within a day will be greater than that of people applying to all agencies within a month.
I should also like to point out that this exhibition-sale is the second event of the kind. We organized the first exhibition in September of the previous year, the number of participant-developers having amounted to 10. The motto then was "The best 10 in one day, one place and with one purpose!". The success of the exhibition is testified to by the fact that this year the number of applicants was two times greater. Moreover, last year it was the participants themselves to have asked us to make this exhibition traditional.
In respect of possible losses - the very "bough" mentioned by you - I should say that today the company VVP can afford such image-shaping events. During the few years of our existence (the company was founded in 2003) we managed to occupy firm positions in real estate market. We started with little, our initial business being short-term lease of well-furnished apartments to tourists and our compatriots from the Diaspora. Gradually the scope of our interests expanded and thus we became engaged in real estate trade. Currently, we also provide consultation to such companies as are willing to make investments in projects. Our next goal is to receive a license for evaluation of realty. The agency has experience in signing exclusive contracts with owners of elite buildings and business centres. Among the examples can be mentioned the cooperation with owners of "Citadel" Business Centre".
"As far as I know, you intend to enlarge the geographical scope of the exhibition".
"Indeed yes, in a week after the exhibition in Yerevan we purpose to conduct a similar event in Moscow on April 29 in World Business Centre. Dwelling buildings already completed as well as under construction or design will be presented. Apart from this, the visitors will be offered office areas, mansions and plots of land.
The exhibition will render an opportunity for our compatriots residing in Moscow, to familiarize themselves with Armenian real estate market, make a choice and enter into transaction on site. Again, a considerable sum may be saved on middleware services. Our plans for the next month include launching of two branches of our agency one of which - in Moscow. The point is that the exhibition will last but for a day and by far not everyone will be able to visit it, while with the representation functioning our compatriots could call to it any time, select and purchase real estate without visiting Yerevan".

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