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Travel Cards

Travel Credit Card

Card Type Visa ELECTRON
Currency USD, EUR
Credit Limit 800 - 3500 USD or equivalent EUR
Service fee of the card 3 000 AMD
Card durations 24 months
Credit limit maturity up to 18 months
Annual Interest Rate USD 19%
EUR 17%
Repayment of credit limit and accrual of interests The repayment is annuity based and starts one month from the expiration of the card.
Interests are accrued against the balance.
Necessary documents
  •  Application
  •  Passport

 Useful information

  • The credit limit can be issued at the rate of up to 4-fold net salary.
  • The credit limit on the Card can be used within 1 month from the date of issuance of the Card solely for purchasing a travel package or a ticket from travel agencies approved by the Bank.
  • At the customer՚s choice Classic, MasterCard Standard or Gold, MasterCard Gold cards can by issued to customers at 50% discount of the annual service fee.
  • The Card is issued only to employees of partner companies, who have received at least the recent 3-month salary with the salary cards of the Bank.

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