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In "MoneyGram" system, money transfer services are provided by the service points of MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc. and its representative network.

"MoneyGram" is an international system of fast money transfers by private individuals, which makes it possible to send or receive transfers without account opening. The transfers are paid in USD and Euro, and can be paid also in the national currency, if requested. Depending on the size of the amount and the direction, the commission fees start from 1%. "MoneyGram" is known in the world as a fast and reliable payment and settlement system, proved by time and sustainable.

"MoneyGram" has the following advantages:

  • a wide network of transfer acceptance and payment points;
  • transfers made with maximum speed – only 5 minutes;
  • the transferred amount is provided at any point of "MoneyGram" system;
  • currently, "MoneyGram" fast money transfers are operated all over the world;
  • the system is distinguished by simplicity of transfer documentation both for the recipient and the sender.

Using MoneyGram system, you can make fast money transfers to 197 countries.


Currency of the transferred amount 
Type of transfer Without address
Maximum commission fee for the transfer USD 12 
Minimum commission fee for the transfer USD 300 
Maximum amount of one transfer USD 9999 
Commission fee 5 - 10% of the transferred amount (depending on the size of the amount and the direction of transfer)
  • The same remitter can make transfers for an amount up to USD 20 000 during the one operational day.
  • In case of transferring the amount of USD 9100 ԱՄՆ and more, the permission of MoneyGram system service center is required for making the transfer.
Number of symbols in the password 8 symbols
Duration of the transfer 6-8 minutes
Other conditions
  • The sent transfer can be paid in MoneyGram system within 90 days. It should be noted that during the first 45 days it is accessible for payment, which during the next 45 days payment of the transfer requires permission of MoneyGram system service center.
  • After 90 days payment of the transfers becomes inaccessible, and the remitter needs to apply to the Bank to get the transfer back. In this case, the commission fee isn’t paid back.

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