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Dear Customer,

Converse Bank sets a privileged exchange rate for foreign currency for all those, who will exchange into AMD the foreign currency received via fast money transfer systems cooperating with the Bank.

Converse Bank

"Unistream" is a fast money transfer system, which makes it possible to send money transfers to different countries of the world without account opening, in the following currencies: RUB, USD, and EURO. The transfer can be made to a certain address (the receiving bank is specified) and without any address (only the receiving country is specified).

The transferred amount can be received 5 minutes after its sending. The commission fee for the transfer is 1-1.5% of the transferred amount, depending on the size of the amount and the direction of the transfer.

Using Unistream system, you can make fast money transfers to the Russian Federation, CIS countries and Georgia, Europe, Asia, as well as other places in the world.


Currency of the transferred amount USD, Euro, RUB
Maximum amount of one transfer Amount equivalent to RUB 900 000
Commission fee 1 - 1.5% of the transferred amount
Type of transfer Without address
Number of symbols in the password 12 symbols
Duration of the transfer 2-5 minutes

Unistream money transfer system has a wide service network all over the world. You can find the list of the countries on the system website