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Service Orientation

"Service Orientation" Program

Participate in the "Service Orientation" program, attract your friend to Converse Bank, and get a bonus.

Who can be Guides?

  • private individuals
  • legal entities, including sole entrepreneurs

who have entered into an agreement1 with the Bank within the framework of the "Service Orientation" program (hereinafter referred to as the Program), and are or are not customers of the Bank.


The guiding person cannot simultaneously act as a person using the Bank’s services within the framework of the Project.

1Agreement on joining, the moment of concluding which is the moment of getting familiar with and accepting the conditions of the Project, getting the unique code (hereinafter referred to as the Code), which results in rights and obligations for the Guide.

What is the advantage for the Guide?

The Bank pays bonus to the Guides for successful guidance.

Procedure of bonus payment

Bonuses are paid for successful guidance.

Guidance is considered as successful if the following conditions are met simultaneously:

  • At the time of provision of the service, the Code of the respective guidance is presented to the Bank not later than within one month after receipt of the Code;
  • The service was actually provided.


Bonus amount /AMD/

New legal entity customer 5,000
New payment card* (ArCa, Cirrus Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard) 1,200
(MasterCard /Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Infinite) 6,500

2The amounts include all taxes set by the RA legislations.

How to guide

In case if the customer intends to make use of the Services, the Guide gets familiar with the "Conditions of Participation in the Orientation Program" and, if consent is obtained, the Guide clicks the button "To guide", fills out and sends the Guidance Application, gets the Code, and provides it to the guided person. At the same time, the guided person receives a notice on being guided and the Code on his/her e-mail specified in the Application.


To guide


What is to be done by the guided person?

After getting guidance and receiving the Code on his/her e-mail address, the guided person presents the Code and the documents required for the respective service to any branch of the Bank.

*Payment cards are provided at the Bank’s existing tariffs. It doesn’t apply to the payment cards and attached/additional cards provided free of charge within the framework of campaigns organized by the Bank, payment cards provided on privileged conditions, including payment cards provided within the framework of salary projects and one-off credit cards.