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Become a Converse Bank Visa Cardholder on preferential terms


Converse Bank offers to become the Bank's Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Business and Visa Platinum cardholder by July 31 and use the reduced 50% annual service fee for the entire term of the card. At the customer's request, the family member will also be provided with a card attached to Visa Classic, Visa Gold or Visa Platinum free of charge, depending on the type of the customer's main card.
In case of premium class cards, a personal safe deposit box service will be offered at a 50% reduced value of the service fee in the Bank's "Yeritasardakan", "Kilikia", "Arshakunyats", "Gyumri", "Kentronak" and "Nor Nork" branches, as well as a Visa PaySticker or Visa MiniFob /with its accessory/ without payment.
New cardholders will also have the opportunity to take part in the campaign launched for Converse Bank Visa cardholders. During this campaign, aimed at encouraging non-cash payments, customers who have made the maximum number of purchases and earned gold points, will receive valuable gifts, in particular:
- The first 10 cardholders with the most gold points will receive standardized 10-gram gold bars (value 999.9),
- and those ranking 11-50th with the number of gold points - will receive standardized 5-gram gold bars (grade 999.9).
The campaign is valid until August 31.
Oversight of Converse Bank is exercised by the Central Bank.

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