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Argentinean-Armenian philanthropist Eduardo Eurnekian's message to the employees of the companies he manages in Armenia


Armenia and Artsakh are once again the subjects of Azerbaijan’s unprovoked aggression. With an endless supply of the most advanced military technology and supported by an army of mercenaries, the Azeri army is ruthlessly attacking the peaceful Armenian population, which has no choice but to heroically repel the aggressor with the great sacrifice of the most precious of its society; its youth.

We salute our employees from Armenia International Airports, Converse Bank, Karas Wines and Zvartnots Handling, who have left their families behind and volunteered to join the defense of our homeland.

We further salute employees whose husbands and sons are serving in the front line and risking their lives every day.
We are eternally grateful. Their sacrifice will not be in vain.

We pray for an expeditious end to the military activities and return to peace.

We pray for everyone’s safe return home.

Eduardo Eurnekian

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