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September 17, Premiere at the National Theater Black Box built with the support of Converse Bank


September 17, the premiere of Matei Vișniec’s play “Richard III Will Not Take Place, or Scenes from the Life of Meyerhold” was performed on the Black Box of G. Sundukyan National Academic Theater.

In his greeting address to the first spectators, Vardan Mkrtchyan, Director of Sundukyan Theater stated that the building of the Black Box and the premiere would have been impossible without their partner Converse Bank’s support.

“A year ago, when we started the construction of the Black Box, many people were skeptical, while Converse Bank put trust in us and has contributed to the success of the project by demonstrating a day-to-day caring attitude. Today is the premiere at the one and only Black Box in Armenia. We will perform a play that covers topics rather actual in our days, which I believe will make the audience think,” Vardan Mkrtchyan said and thanked Converse Bank for the productive cooperation.

“Richard III Will Not Take Place, or Scenes from the Life of Meyerhold” has not been picked on random.

“The play has multi layers. You will find no answers, there are only questions that arouse and have aroused contemplations for ages. Parallel to the story line telling about the relations between the artist and the authorities, the play also uncovers the artist’s thoughts, and questions about the implication and significance of authorities. It is as well the homage paid to artists, the victims of Stalin repressions,” said Serzh Melik-Hovsepyan, the translator and director of the play.

Leading actor Artur Karapetyan, co-starring Greta Mejlumyan, Razmik Khostoev, Mesrop Abtoyan, Aleksandr Tadevosyan and others.

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