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Order Argentinean Del Fin Del Mundo wine and get 25% CashBack


Converse Bank together with the Embassy of Argentina in Armenia announces the launch of the new "Argentinean Wine Week" campaign.

In July 2-8, the customers paying noncash for Argentinean "Del Fin Del Mundo" wine at the Bank’s partner restaurants will get 25% CashBack.

In parallel, they will accumulate Converse points to further exchange with valuable gifts at the Bank’s partner network.

"This is the 4th large CashBack this year among the campaigns planned by the Bank in relation with its 25th Anniversary, and Converse Bank will offer its customers an unprecedented 25% CashBack. Due to CashBack campaigns about AMD 10 M has already been refunded to the customers from the start of the year," Converse Bank representative said.

The Bank will shortly make new attractive offers within the scope of its 25th Anniversary, assuming not only customer motivation but also introduction of new products at preferential terms.

Among the 25th Anniversary events, the Bank also supports various projects promoting healthy lifestyle, innovations and education in Yerevan and regions. Special emphasis is placed on Sevan Startup project scheduled for July 22-29, where the Bank is a sponsor and a participant, and as well the construction of sports grounds in the towns of Armenia and Artsakh.


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